Case Studies


Pudsey Primrose Hill, Leeds.

  • Through ACES support class teachers have increased lesson physical activity time; activity increased by on average 7 minutes per lesson, equating to an additional 9 hours activity per class per academic year.
  • An average of 20 extra pupils each lunch time now access new sporting activities.

Ian Larkin, Year 6 teacher and PE Coordinator told us:

“My class and I have enjoyed working with Kyle this year. He built up a brilliant rapport with them and helped some reluctant children find their love for PE. Kyle helped me improve the activity levels in my PE lessons. He gave me a clear direction in how to improve these activity levels through different warm ideas and how to differentiate quickly and efficiently within my lesson."


Snapethorpe Primary School, Wakefield. 

  • Teachers have improved class organisation and behaviour management in PE through ACES support; activity has increased by an extra 10 minutes per lesson equating to an additional 12.5 hours of activity per academic year.
  • The school has introduced 9 additional pupil playground leaders, leading to a 50% increase in structured physical activity and a reduction in anti-social behaviour.

Anthony Edwards, PE Coordinator and Year 4 teacher told us:

“Jack has become more responsive in class when he gets worked up. Jack can know listen to other pupils’ perspectives and understands how to try and resolve more”. 

“Lucy has started to think more rationally when she gets into arguments and has started to think about her actions and how they can affect others”.